Looking for a Week end in Romagna and San Marino? Choose our special offer!

The small Republic of San Marino is know as well as the ancient town of Freedom: a must for those visiting our lands.
Immersed in the landscape of the Romagna countryside, in the heart of Italy, a jewel of history and curiosity awaits you.

Since you are here, don’t miss the chance to see also Verucchio, Montebello and obviously Santarcangelo!

Double Classic from € 59,00

Double Prestige from € 70,00

Double Deluxe from € 85,00

The price includes:

  • Buffet breakfast
  • parking
  • fast wifi connection

Besides 50% discount on tickets of the following museums:
WAX MUSEUM: is the first private museum of the mount Titan, born in 1966. Located right in the heart of the historic center of San Marino, between the magnificence of the three towers and the Pubblic Palace, you will find yourself in front of this magical place where the present is left behind, to dive into the past.
MUSEUM OF TORTURE: an exhibition unique in the world and of international fame. More than 100 original torture instruments in a faithful and realistic visual synthesis.
MUSEUM OF CURIOSITIES: the most incredible collection in the world. The Museum of Curiosities is a collection of facts, objects, news and completely unusual, strange, rare and real crops to stimulate, amuse and perhaps teach. The only museum to show you that the incredible exists.

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